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This is not my first venture with blogging, but this is the first time I have a subject I am passionate about. You see, there are a couple things that define my life besides my family. One is a love for the law, and the other is love for the church. I have previously attempted to merge those two things, Church and Law, by representing my church and other local churches in legal matters. But recently, I have been impressed to combine these two things in a more formal way. I am calling this “Church Law.” In law, there are many areas such as contract law, employment law, family law… etc. But never church law. It is often thought that churches do not need law or lawyers because, “Who is going to sue a church?” While very true in the past, this is changing. Also, with changes in our culture, there is a shift to look at churches as “the party with deep pockets” when something goes wrong.

I have discovered my passion, and it is a passion to protect the church and its pastors. To assist the “church” in better planning so that when, not if, the church is attacked, sued, or looked into – my goal is to have the church set up properly, documents in order, and a person to call when there are problems.

This blog is my attempt to help the church and its pastors. I hope to provide helpful content that can clarify difficult legal issues in order to save you time, save the church money, and secure the ministry for years to come. Now this blog will not give every reader legal advise. For that, contact me at my law firm and I will be happy to assist you or your church. For the everyday reader, consider the worth of the advise equivalent to what you paid to get it, and if you want specific advise, contact me directly.

Lastly, here is a little bit about what is to come. I hope to bring you fresh content three days a week – Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday of each week. Please leave me a comment, tell me what your questions are, and I will try to feature them in a future blog or vlog. I want this blog to have value in your life and the life of your church and ministry, and I believe that is what God has called me do – protect the church and its pastors. For now, welcome to the blog, and I hope you find value in these posts. I will attempt to spend my time bringing you some of the most current thoughts as related to Church Law.


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