Score BIG in 2017 with Church Protection. Here’s how…

Score BIG in 2017 with Church Protection. Here's how...

January is a time for evaluation and implementation of fresh procedures for the new year. A great way to start is for your church to evaluate it’s foundational documents or church by-laws to see where your church stands legally if you were to come under attack this year.

Our unique DocuScore System was designed to review your foundational documents and create a report as if they were being reviewed by the courts.

We have found that many churches do not know where they stand foundationally if their by-laws were ever questioned or put under review. Our DocuScore process provides helpful information as we sort through your documents to help you understand and update any holes that could cause legal issues down the road.

By identifying and updating your documents, you are able to make the appropriate changes to enhance the safety of your church from legal attacks. This process is critical now more than ever with the ever changing culture of our county.

DocuScore works directly with our By-law Modification process. These steps work together to offer your church the best protection legally.

It’s time to secure your church for 2017. Call us now to set up an appointment in our office or by phone to talk about how DocuScore can help. It is our pleasure and passion to serve you and your church.


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